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Summer 2017

Next General Meeting

Friday, Sep. 8, 2017
6–7 PM @ 640 Veteran Ave.
Get the news about Circle K and have fun with us later!

CKIx Awards

Did someone say recognition?

CKIx Awards

Did you hear? UCLA and a bunch of other clubs were recognized at CKIx, the international convention! Get the details here!

District Committees

Who got appointed?

District Committees

Congratulations to our members who were appointed for the 2017–18 CNH District Committees! Learn more about who got appointed here!

MRP Info

What is MRP?

MRP Info

Have you heard of the Member Recognition Program? Get more information about what is MRP, and get more involved with Circle K!

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News Stories

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UCLA Receives Multiple Awards at Circle K International Convention

Circle K International Convention [7/5-7/9/17]

By Serena Zhang, 2017-2018 Media Relations Chair

Los Angeles, July 9th, 2017 — UCLA’s chapter of Circle K International (CKI) won several awards at the 62nd annual Circle K International Convention […]

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VFTA Animal Adoption [6/4/17]

By Sena Ji, 2017-2018 Godparent

On June 4, UCLA Circle K had an adventure with the animal protection organization, Voice for the Animals, at the VFTA pet adoption in Hollywood. VFTA […]

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Where Health Meets Education

Black Pre-Health Organization Youth Health Festival [6/3/17]

By Ethan Chee, 2017-2018 Campus Outreach Chair

On June 3rd, The Black Pre-Health Society at UCLA hosted their 5th annual youth health festival at the Sunset Recreation Center. I […]

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DFI Day of Fun

DFI Day of Fun [6/3/17]

By James Owen Setiadi, General Member

On June 3, the 2017-2018 Fundraising Committee hosted its very first DFI Day of Fun. Jolene Chan, Jonathan Fan, Tyler Saunders, and I were excited […]

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