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Next General Meeting

Spring 2018

Next General Meeting

Thursday, June 7th
7PM-8:30PM at Perloff 1102
We’ll be having our end-of-the-quarter potluck!!

Committee Dinners

Committee Dinners

Committees will be having dinner on the hill for Week 10.
Monday: Fundraising, Special Events, Service, PR

Tuesday: GraphTech, KFAM, Spiritship, MDEER

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UCLA Receives Multiple Awards at 2018 Kiwanis Youth Convention

CNH Circle K 2018 District Convention: En Route to Service [3/23-3/25/18]

By: Ethan Vuong

Los Angeles, March 25, 2018 — UCLA’s chapter of Circle K International (CKI) attended the 64th Annual Circle K International California-Nevada-Hawaii District Convention […]

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Bap to the top

Kimbap Cooknight

By Todd Nguyen, Photo Assistant

On February 25th, around twenty UCLA Circle K members gathered at a member’s apartment to prepare Kimbap for a fundraiser. Members grilled spam, chopped daikon, prepared rice, and […]

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Downright Lovely Students Serving People


By Jone Bacinskaite, 2017-2018 Service Vice President

DLSSP, what does it stand for? Dainty laborers serving spirits pizza? Dozy lackluster students saving sweaty penguins? No! It’s District Large Scale Service Project and it finally […]

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A Cold 18 Holes

Tri-Club Minigolf

By Harsh Srivastav, General Member

I shivered and put my hands in my pocket. It was way too cold to do minigolf and I saw that everyone else did the same. “LOOK OUT” […]

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Star of the Moment

Nick Stringfellow

Week 9 | Spring 2018

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