About Circle K International

Originally chartered on March 7, 1974, UCLA Circle K is a community service organization run by college students wishing to make a difference. We operate under three tenents: Service, Leadership, & Fellowship.


Service is the leading tenet of Circle K International—the aspect of the organization that our members hold closest to their hearts. It is through service that our members can change the world for good, their small contributions building up over time. From weekly animal adoptions to serving food to homeless communities, from fundraisers for various charities to gardening and painting benches at local schools, Circle K provides a variety of opportunities for everyone to get involved with the local communities and make a difference.

District Large-Scale Service Project

Every year, the California Nevada Hawaii District hosts a large-scale service project abbreviated as DLSSP for everyone to attend in order to improve our communities. Due to the size of our district, there is a North and South DLSSP so that clubs have a more convenient location to go to in order to do service.


As the second tenet of Circle K, leadership bears great weight in nurturing our members to support our communities and the world. We provide our members various opportunities for leadership development—from participation in committees, to election as officers, to heading new service projects. Members of UCLA Circle K will also learn professionalism and grasp the basics of networking through our beloved alumni and district/divisional opportunities.


UCLA Circle K is not just a service organization, but a community as well! With Fellowship as one our three tenets, UCLA Circle K aims to develop friendship by connecting its members through their common interests, which include service. Large-scale socials like movie nights and the buddy system is just one of the many facets we have to create camaraderie between our members. Alongside other things like mentorship, the family system, service events, general and committee meetings, and more, close relationships are formed and fostered in the club.


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Beyond UCLA

Metro Division

The Metro Division consists of 8 schools in the LA area

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CNH District

9 divisions spanning California, Nevada, and Hawaii form the CNH District

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Kiwanis International

Established in 1915, Kiwanis members around the world strive to better our local communities. The primary focus has been “serving the children of the world” since 2005. Kiwanis extends its reach through Student Leadership Programs, allowing students from elementary school to college to engage in helping their communities and building their leadership skills. Below are the branches of the Kiwanis Family:

Our sponsoring Kiwanis is the Santa Monica Kiwanis!