MLK Jr. Day of Service: One Bus, One Cause (1/19/15)

By Nick Stringfellow, ’14-’15 Subcommittee Chair

On January 19th, 2015, members from UCLA Circle K collaborated with the UCLA Volunteer Center to finish painting a mural at Queen Anne Elementary School in Central LA that was started during UCLA Volunteer Day. Armed with paint brushes and smiles all around, all the volunteers came together to celebrate this year’s MLK Jr. Day of Service with a One Bus, One Cause project!

Working together from a blank wall to create a beautiful mural for students!

Working together from a blank wall to create a beautiful mural for students!

Arriving into the check-in area, it wasn’t difficult to feel the excitement that was in the air from everyone who contributed to this project! Circle K wasn’t the only group there; this One Bus, One Cause project united programs such as the UCLA Alumni Mentor Program, UCLA Diversity Programs, and Transfer Student associations. Arriving onto the scene and ready to serve, we brushed away everything else and completed a massive portion of the mural that we needed to paint. With such a large group, we finished the mural, which covered several hundred square feet of wall space, within a few hours! The way everyone meshed together so well made this project especially worthwhile and memorable for me, and reminded me of the magical togetherness that service always brings no matter what the project may be.

After a quick nap on the bus ride back, all the volunteers departed the bus with affirmation of a job well done and service well spent. I can’t wait to roll with the next One Bus, Once Cause project, and I hope you will join us!

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