Pinwheel Making [11/22/15]

By Barry Liu, General Member

On the 22nd of November, our club had a pinwheel making session in one of Reiber Hall’s study room from 4-6 pm. The participants did not know how to make a pinwheel, but luckily they watched a tutorial of how to make one.

During the event, the club made pinwheels for the Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms Challenge. For the program, participants make and mail the pinwheels to the Students Rebuild, the International Rescue Committee and Global Nomads Group. For each pinwheel that the committee receives, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2 (with $400,000 being the maximum amount) that will be used to help Syrian children who were affected by the civil war and had to spend their childhood as refugees in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey. It will take 17 years on average for the refugees to return home. The program will have trained teachers to help children have a learning opportunity while creating a safe environment for them.

I enjoyed this opportunity as my first service event since I get to help out Syrian children while learning how to make a pinwheel for my future preferences. I recommend anyone to take part in this challenge because more pinwheels being made means that more children will receive help. Everyone should be given a chance to have a learning experience; the Syrian children are part of the next generation that will make the world a better place. Not much sweat and effort are required, but making pinwheels with love is.